LIFTる(リフトル) – オンラインクレーンゲーム 6.4.2 APK MOD Download – Pro for android

LIFTる(リフトル) – オンラインクレーンゲーム 6.4.2 APK MOD Download – Pro for android

Description of LIFTる(リフトル) - オンラインクレーンゲーム

LIFTる(リフトル) – オンラインクレーンゲーム 6.4.0 APK MOD Download – Pro for android ◆◇LIFTる。は、スマホで遊べるオンラインクレーンゲーム!◇◆

・大人気ゲームから家電まで新しい景品が毎日登場! 初心者向けのクレーンゲーム
・今なら新規会員登録でLP(リフトルポイント)を無料でゲットできます(電話番号認証完了時に付与されます) 。








A:まずは、お客様のプレイ中に発生した状態をご確認ください。 FAQにある対処法により、改善する場合があります。




1プレイにつき 50LP(リフトルポイント)~

※通信遅延について:リフトルでは動画配信・操作通信をリアルタイムで行い、実際のクレーンゲーム機を操作しながらプレイするゲームです。 ゲームの特性上、インターネット通信環境が不安定な場合、動画·操作に遅延が生じる場合がございます。 移動中、あるいはインターネット通信環境が不安定な場所からの操作はご注意ください。
◆ ◇ LIFT. Is an online crane game that you can play on your smartphone! ◇ ◆
Operate an online crane game and get a free gift as if you were in an arcade!
First Press Limited! You can play up to 10 times for free! (For 1PLAY50LP)
In addition, the shipping fee for the acquired items is also free! .

◆ ◇ LIFT. Introduction ◇ ◆
-Operate the catcher of the same crane game as the game center online to get items. .
・ New prizes from popular games to home appliances appear every day! Crane game for beginners
・ There are many limited items. .
・ Because it is online, you can play anytime, anywhere! LTE is fine. .
・ Now you can get LP (liftle points) for free by registering as a new member (it will be given when the phone number verification is completed). .

◆ ◇ How to play ◇ ◆
1. 1. Select the crane game machine you want to play from the game types and items.
2. 2. After deciding on a crane game, the game starts. .
3. 3. When it’s your turn, use the buttons that appear on the play screen to operate the catcher of a real crane game machine. 4. Get items while having fun! An item can be exchanged for another item after it has been acquired. .
5. After you get the item, it will be delivered to your home! shipping fee is free.
6. You can get free play and LP at login bonuses and events. .

◆ ◇ LIFT. The charm of ◇ ◆
・ The number of items in the online crane game is 7,000, which is one of the largest in Japan (*)! .
・ You can enjoy crane games online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without going to the arcade!
・ Up to 10 free plays are possible for the first time only!
・ If you get an LP with a login bonus, you can enjoy it for free! .
-Unlike the crane game at the game center, the item you get can be exchanged for another item after you get it!
・ Items will be delivered free of charge.

* As of October 6, our own research

◆ ◇ Frequently Asked Questions ◇ ◆
Q: Can you enjoy crane games online? .
A: The video on the play screen of the online crane game is beautiful, the catcher’s time lag is small, and you can enjoy playing as if you were in an arcade. In addition, the operation is intuitive, so you can easily enjoy the online crane game even for the first time.

Q: What is LP (liftle point)?
A: LP is the point “LIFT. Point” for playing the crane game. You must be logged in to purchase “LP”. We will charge your game account with “LP” according to the purchase price. The expiration date of “LP” is valid until 4 o’clock Japan time on the 180th day from the last use date of this service for free LP. There is no expiration date for paid LPs.

Q: About shipping
A: In principle, the shipping fee is free. However, in the case of redelivery due to customer’s convenience, we will charge a separate fee (1000 LP) specified by us. .

Q: About the guideline for the time until the prize arrives
A: Usually, it will arrive in 2 to 7 days after the prize delivery request. In the case of backordered prizes, it will be delivered after arrival, so it will take longer than usual. The shipping time may change depending on how busy the delivery is. .

Q: It seems that something went wrong. Is it possible to return the LP? .
A: First of all, please check the status that occurred during your play. It may be improved by the workaround in the FAQ. .

◆ ◇ LIFT management information ◇ ◆
● Service provider
GENDA Co., Ltd.

● Official website

● Official Twitter account:
@ liftlegenda1

● Price
App body: Free
50LP (liftle point) ~ per play
Please be sure to check the terms of use before using. .

● Recommended environment
Wi-Fi recommended
* Communication delay: Liftle is a game in which video distribution and operation communication are performed in real time and played while operating an actual crane game machine. Due to the characteristics of the game, if the internet communication environment is unstable, there may be a delay in video and operation. Please be careful when operating from a place where the Internet communication environment is unstable or while you are on the move. .
* Shipping to overseas is not supported at this time.
* Not available on Huawei devices. If you are Huawei, please use it on the Web.
APP ID= jp.midasent.liftle

App Information of LIFTる(リフトル) - オンラインクレーンゲーム

App Name LIFTる(リフトル) - オンラインクレーンゲーム
Package Name jp.midasent.liftle
Version 6.4.0
Rating ( 349 )
Size 70.3 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-11-27
Installs 50,000+

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