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Google has been striving to amplify the attain of its {hardware} portfolio. From its Pixel smartphones to the Chromebook, Google has huge plans to get a Google machine to each web consumer on the planet.

There’s a catch to it, you see. Extra Google machine customers imply extra knowledge for Google and like I advised you earlier than, knowledge is the brand new oil.

For this, Google may also make its units cheaper sooner or later. So, a Pixel cellphone may be as low-cost as a Xiaomi 5-10 years later.

Bear in mind Google Glass? Sure, it was an epic failure, however Google hasn’t given up on it. Likewise, Venture Ara, Google’s modular cellphone and Venture Tango for 3D mapping are some misplaced jewels Google is seeking to restart work on.

Regardless of setbacks, most of those “quickly delayed’ initiatives are certain to make a comeback sooner or later as many individuals are nonetheless hungover on the idea of a modular smartphone.

Google can also be working within the discipline of house exploration through its Lunar XPRIZE mission the place it’s inviting inventors to give you house exploration options.

If this mission flies, we may even see Google battling SpaceX for NASA contracts sooner or later.

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